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Prof. Dr. Martin Ziegler, KAIST

06. March 2021, Big-Blue-Button

On March 6th, 10am (German time), ONLINE, the Alumni and Support Association of the Institutes for Mathematics and Computer Science ("Die Matiker e.V."), invites for the next talk in the lecture series "Career profiles in mathematics and computer science": "Korea" by Prof. Martin Ziegler Martin Ziegler studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Paderborn (1990-1997), did his PhD (2002) and completed his habilitation (2008). After his DFG Heisenberg scholarship at Vienna Technical University, he was Professor for Mathematics at TU Darmstadt (2010-2015) and since then is Professor for Computer Science at KAIST in the Republic of Korea.
He will tell as about the life, teaching and studies in Korea and at KAIST.